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Summer Ruins (2013)

by Trisha Leigh(Favorite Author)
4.1 of 5 Votes: 2
1482063565 (ISBN13: 9781482063561)
The Last Year
review 1: Such a disappointment. Trisha Leigh just didn't have enough story for four books, but since she locked herself into the four seasons thing she filled up the fourth book with nonsense. Every plan the characters made had a fatal flaw so glaringly obvious from the outset that it was sad, and then the "solutions" were overly simple or completely ridiculous. There were also tons of plot points that went no where - just gratuitous page fillers. I know it is young adult fiction, but the story had an awesome premise and could have been amazing. Honestly, I'm sorry that I read the last book at all.
review 2: The final book in a series is a delicate, difficult undertaking. Trisha Leigh concludes The Last Year with a perfect blend of heartache and triumph. The finale
... more stays true in mood and tone to the first three books, drawing Althea's story to a close in a way that is satisfying but not without cost. She readily acknowledges the price Althea and her friends pay while still allowing the story to move forward. After devouring all four books, this was the kind of catharsis I needed as a reader. I certainly cried at points, but never felt hopeless. My belief in these characters carried me through and Trisha did not disappoint. The romance is as sweet, the writing lyrical and the story compelling. Touching on the nature of humanity and what parts of our human history is worth saving, I heartily recommend this entire series. less
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Last book, best book. I loled, annnd I cried. Such a beautiful series, Trisha Leigh is brilliant!
Outstanding conclusion to The Last Year series.
good end to the series. Enjoyed these 4 books.
Well.... I don't know what to say.
Review to come.
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