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A Dark Mind (2013)

by T.R. Ragan(Favorite Author)
4.05 of 5 Votes: 3
Thomas & Mercer
Lizzy Gardner
review 1: I love the Lizzy Gardner series and this was another good novel. I was a little disappointed to see that another psycho was chasing Lizzy again, but when I realized who the psycho actually took,I felt better about it. I also was not expecting that ending with Hayley's mother. That poor girl can just never catch a break. I didn't realize that the author published the next book in the series on the 12th so I am on to that one!
review 2: Solid book. Ragan does a great job weaving together an interesting murder mystery. All of her books kept me interested until the last page which is why I gave all of the first three books 4 stars. Where she needs work is character development. The killers are interesting but not scary. Likewise, Lizzy and her gang are intriguing b
... moreut you never feel any connection. I found myself interested in the details and the interwoven stories much more so than the characters involved. less
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It is getting repetitive and they are all almost the same.
Loving the series! Can't wait for the final installment.
Fantastic book and kept me going until the end.
Not a bad read.
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