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La Tristeza De La Reina/ The Sadness Of The Queen (Spanish Edition) (2000)

by Suzannah Dunn(Favorite Author)
2.87 of 5 Votes: 1
8498771935 (ISBN13: 9788498771930)
review 1: A pretty fast read for historical fiction and while it was not wonderful, it was not bad. The title was misleading as it really was not about the queen (or her sorrow) but about a Spanish sun dial maker and his relationships - with England, with his host family, particularly Cecily and her son Nicholas, his fellow Spaniard Antonio and his wife Leonor and son Francisco home in Spain. And yes he has a couple encounters with the queen but she is really part of the setting in this book.
review 2: The cover, the title and even the synopses led to a mistake: Queen Mary appears very few times. The story revolves around Rafael, his story in England, his life in general, and his past in Spain. Mary is mentioned, of course, especially with all the brutal chances she ha
... mored impose to her people, however, the only times I actually saw her “sorrow” was in two of the four encounters she had with Rafael – and what odd encounters! Their relationship, if we can say there was one, sounded so unreal! Nearly to fake. That said, it isn’t a bad reading. It’s a nice and easy reading, good to distract yourself when you are too tired to do whatever it is. less
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Such a consistent style from this author. She truly brings history to life.
I really wish this book had been more about the queen.
disappointing... a slow read... dull
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