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Kan Hasadı (2013)

by S.J. Bolton(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 2
Pegasus Yayıncılık
review 1: i loved the atmosphere of the book. I liked all of the main characters. I subtracted points for an ending that was a bit too graphic than what I thought I would get. Don't get me wrong, sometimes strong imagery and horrible scenes are needed to tell a story. In this case it just seemed as though it was out of place compared to the rest of the story. I felt like I was blindsided, and maybe there were clues I should have picked up on, but in this case I didn't, and I felt the ending was out of place.
review 2: The situation is pretty compelling and the book did a good job of keeping me guessing about whether this was a supernatural story or not, but in the end I'd actually give it a 2.5. I was particularly unhappy with the portrayal of Evi Oliver. I have
... moreread some of Bolton's other books that feature her and in those she gives the impression of strength and self-reliance that, here, just came across as crankiness. Mostly she acts like a lovesick girl in this book and the romance aspect is insipid. And leaving her cellphone in the car at a crucial point? Just dumb considering how conscientious (beyond belief) she has been about being available to her clients throughout the book. Weak plot point. less
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i was on the edge of my seat and actually found this book a bit scary (spirits of the dead) ...
Fantastic mystery thriller, really gripping
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