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Dinosaurens Fjer (2008)

by Sissel-Jo Gazan(Favorite Author)
3.39 of 5 Votes: 4
Gyldendals Bogklubber
review 1: This is the best book I have read all summer. It is the perfect amount nerd for the armchair scientist. So many layers, but it was totally believeable. I just hated the protagonist, she was just miserable, but thats life when you have a goal and little ones. Denmark is known for being more progressive than the US, but when it comes to parenting we are all the same. I loved that a driven woman didn't need a man to save her, it was the other way around. Good Choice.
review 2: Very good Scandanavian mystery -- I've tried a couple but never gotten further along than the first few chapters. This one was fascinating; the back stories of the main characters (detective Soren, the victims and the suspects), the scientific problem of proving birds are dinosaur des
... morecendants, and the mystery itself all weaving together at the end. Maybe a bit too much coincidence, a bit too many characters but good atmosphere, setting and puzzle. I see the author has just published another mystery with same detective; how long will we have to wait for it to be translated into English?? less
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Awful. Boring. Poorly written and/or translated. And there is no dinosaur feather.
I read the English translation The Dinosaur Feather.
Surprised by the praise this book has received.
Obvious, awkward tanslations
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