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Twenty Boy Summer (2009)

by Sarah Ockler(Favorite Author)
3.9 of 5 Votes: 5
0316051594 (ISBN13: 9780316051590)
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
review 1: It's probably an unexpected ending. I was thinking bigger and more drama but I guess if that happened, then this wouldn't be very realistic anymore. It was a really good story that made me cry and wept literally. Bawling my eyes out. It is really hard to lose someone and think that you are doing something wrong when he's not with you. Like you don't have the right to do something or even be happy cause he's not here anymore. It hurts a lot. I'm just glad that Anna found her love or a fleeting love with Sam and she was able to move on but like her, I probably won't forget that first love. That first joyful moment that I get to connect someone not family related. That very special moment that I won't forget.
review 2: This was the first book that I read where sex
... more was so infiltrated. I was frustrated because she couldn't seem to let anything go. She wanted to be free but with the car accident an losing her love, it scarred more than she hoped. All he ever wanted was to make her happy but now he wasn't there. Her best friend was a VERY interesting character, the scar in her right eyebrow somehow scarred me. It was like she was singing a taylor swift song. "He said let's get out of this, drive out of the city away from the crowds". Sam sam sam I will not forget him. He is a creep but he made me smile. He waited for her and didn't push it. He was tall and handsome as heck. Wild dreams of these two friends, they say no one has to know what they do. His hands are in their hair and his voice is a familiar sound. It didn't turn out to be the twenty boy summer because it's not that easy to be so unattached unless it's the old man who bought them slurpies. The old man wanted who knows what. EW. I can't lie so i'll say I read it and discovered something new. I read it and I understood the character. Not bad, not bad at all. less
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Love this book, and the struggle of finding a way to move on from a lost loved one.
it was a really nice book to read
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