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The Stars Blue Yonder (2009)

by Sandra McDonald(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 2
076532041X (ISBN13: 9780765320414)
Tor Books
The Outback Stars
review 1: It was more interesting than compelling. I liked the way the author wove the stories together, mixing in the sci-fi, time travel and mythological elements. It held my interest throughout, and frequently piqued my curiosity, but wasn't exactly exciting. I would have enjoyed more explanation and exploration of the mythological elements. Which is actually a great way to leave things if, as the epilogue hints, there are more books to come in the series. I was under the impression that it was a trilogy, but the author doesn't indicate on her website if that's true. It may be that this story arc, for Jodenny and Myell, is complete, but more exploration of this universe is yet to come. I hope so! I enjoyed it quite a bit and would recommend the series, but I'd feel even better ab... moreout it if this was one more step along the road than the final wrap-up. There are too many unanswered questions.
review 2: Wow. A real humdinger of a book. Chief Myell died a hero at the end of book two, became a god, defeated the Roon attempt to takeover Earth. So now what. Jodenny and company are stranded on a planet very far off the beaten path, and Terry is now at the mercy of a time-hopping transportation ring that keeps shuttling him around his known universe. Terry's new mission is to destroy Kultana (whoever or whatever that is), which will stop another takeover try by the deadly Roon. But all he really wants to do is find(and hang on to) Jodenny. The finding part seems to be fairly easy--it is the hanging on to part that's hard. A real roller coaster ride of a story. less
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Great time travel fun! On par with the first book in this series.
Not as good as the first one, more fantasy than science fiction.
Good stuff, satisfying ending to a nifty series.
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