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Creature Of Moonlight (2014)

by Rebecca Hahn(Favorite Author)
3.61 of 5 Votes: 1
1306673879 (ISBN13: 9781306673877)
Harcourt Brace and Company
review 1: This book was a quick and easy read but was also thought provoking. All of us feel at times the way Marni felt; stuck in between two different worlds and unable to choose the direction we need to go or have the courage to take the first steps in the direction we believe we need to go. But Marni had courage and did what was good for her but also what was good for the needs of others. She is strong and I related and felt everything the main character went through.
review 2: This book was amazing. It was exactly my type of fantasy - an exiled princess who is half dragon, who has fairy tales surrounding her birth, her mother's death, and even her present. She is so freaking feisty, standing up for herself through turmoil with the royal family and finding her place
... morein it, as well as during power plays made by lords who are interesting in marrying her as a stepping stone to power (could any of their reasons actually be honorable?). The lady of the woods, the interactions with the dragon, her friendship with the flowers, I can't even. I hope to see this book on some best of lists this year. less
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Rating: 4.5A beautifully written tale! It makes me wish I lived near some woods...
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Dreamlike writing without much substance.
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