The Unwritten Story

I’m not one that recognizes the concept of time as it only man made to keep the ego mind in a box.  I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions like I once did. I’ve thrown the old habits out the window.  Yet, I still get asked what my thoughts and feelings are on the past calendar year and what my ‘hopes’ or resolutions are for the new year.

I do record my personal experiences to remember the messages and I’ve some amazing ones that have had a powerful impact on me.

One I wanted to share with you is one that I believe is an important for all of us to ponder.

Recently I’ve been guided to start reading again. I used to be a serious book nerd. I used to read every waking chance I had and would sometimes start and finish a book in a day or over a weekend depending on how thick the book was. I love to read. Since my huge shift back in 2012, I began many of the ascension signs of radical changes in sleeping patterns, eating patterns, heightened senses and awareness, intense inexplicable metaphysical experiences that defy all logic and quantum fields. So many messages in everything that would occur around me and within me. I was guided to begin reading books of different genres like Greek and Norse Mythology, Mystical studies of different types, Edgar Cayce, Joseph Campbell, The Tao, and more of the like. A wide variety of stuff including the writings of various authors such as Edgar Allen Poe, Yeats, Plato, Thomas Payne, etc.. Many other books that are not mentioned here, but you get the gist of the wide expansive array of genres.

A genre I have also been lead to read were the fictional or fantasy books.  I, of course questioned this as I, for a brief moment, felt these types of books would not have any insightful benefit for what I thought I was to receive. It was a fleeting thought but I did download some fictional and fantasy books that I felt lead to read onto my Kindle. I wasn’t real excited about getting all of these books but I was lead to a couple pages that were offering many of these books for free or just $ .99.  I knew that was for a reason, so I humored my inner guidance. About a hundred Kindle books later (most were free or less than $ . 99), I randomly chose to read a fantasy book with Norse Gods in the story line. To my surprise, there were some very insightful things in some of these books that activated inner senses, ancient wisdoms, cellular memories, etc.. At times I was having spontaneous burst of clarity, realizations and eureka moments. The stories themselves were more metaphoric than what was on the surface.  The metaphorical messages and confirmations of so many things are given via the willing vessels who wrote these books. Some may be completely aware of what they are doing while others are unaware.

My guidance showed me that there are so many of us that are vessels of service to humanity whether we know it or not. The Universe will utilize all resources regardless of circumstances or if one is ‘awakened, enlightened, conscious,’ (or whatever the terms we choose for it) or not. We are all connected and what we do with choice of work or actions, whether it be teaching, public service, the medical field, teaching, music, writing, etc., we have the ripple affect.  We touched more than those immediately in our personal space. I have personally witnessed the act of one person in a simple act of kindness and love to a friend or stranger and that frequency paid it forward all the way to the other side of the world connecting to complete strangers without the persons even realizing the greater impact of what they did. The connection we all have is unimaginable and impenetrable. It is powerful and we have not on inkling how massively powerful that connection is.

So, back to the point of this story. I was going through a clearing. I was working through many things and cutting ties and cords, and more.  I had asked my guidance to clear my template and allow this death and rebirth experience to activate as I purged all that no longer served me. I went to sleep one night and went in deep with all kinds of things happening. A projection of one of my long time inner guides came to me and told me that all stories were being wiped clean with all ego identity. I was being reset back to zero. He showed me a book with blank pages. He told me that my story has yet to be told now. I felt a weight lift from my shoulders and felt completely different when I woke up. It was so intense that I woke up exhausted even though I had a good night’s rest and slept for more than 6 hours for the first time in a few years. I wrote this experience down immediately and I pondered it through out the rest of my day.

That evening, I had some time to read. I had started several books for variety and have been bouncing from one book to another after reading a chapter or a few here and there. I wanted to keep my mind open and didn’t want to narrow my reading to just one book or saga. I randomly pulled up a fantasy book that had Norse gods in the story line.  I was floored when I read this particular chapter as it had a scene in it where the main female lead character (who is a seer) was sleeping and went into another realm where she witnessed three Norse goddess prophets who’d been prophesying Ragnorok (the ending of the worlds and Norse Gods, in case you are not familiar with Norse Mythology) for a millennia, were routinely doing their magical ritual of pulling prophesies from a lake of water. They were caught completely off guard and thrown off by what they pulled from the water this time. The parchment they pulled from the lake usually had prophesies written on it and it was usually the prophesies of Ragnorok. This time, it was completely blank. They had no idea what it meant and were confused as this has never happened in the millennia that they have been in existence. They didn’t know that to think or even what to do. This was completely foreign to them. Of course the meaning was that due to the entry of the main female character who was having this vision, the course of everything had completely changed. In other words, there was a new Sheriff in town and she didn’t live in the box and go by all the old rules that had been the old ways of the Norse Gods since the beginning of time. She was fresh blood and was there to change things up a bit, in a good way.

Now I know why I was lead to read these books. I needed to open my heart for activation and remembering.  This was a revelation to me as I read this because of my own experience in my own dream time. I had this dream before I read that chapter. At the time I had about 10 books going and I was going from one book to another for variety. I hadn’t read that book for a couple of weeks and had randomly picked that one to read on the next evening after I happened to have had that experience in dream time. I do not believe this was a freak coincidence. I believe with all of my heart that this was by deliberate design.

This is confirmation that no matter how troubling times are in your personal life or in this world as a whole, the future still does not exist. We cannot give our fears or patterns control of our story anymore. We are given the power to change the course of things as dramatically or as subtly as we choose. Nevertheless, it is within our own personal power and as a collective consciousness to start being the change and create our own plot twists. Time to start telling the story we want. We cannot assume the future according to the current events. At the moment it may seem hopeless and bleak, but that does not determine what happens next. Open the heart and mind and allow our limitless power show what we are capable of. Fear limits and cripples us into doing nothing.

Your/our story hasn’t been written yet. We have been reset. We have the opportunity to start telling a completely different story than the one we’ve enslaved ourselves to. Know this in your heart. If we still have breath in us, there is still an opportunity for us to do something in the now. What we choose to do in our personal world, does set the frequency that sets the ripple affect to the collective consciousness.

Awaken and remember who you are. Remember your power. Remember you are part of the much bigger picture. You are one of the bigger players in this huge Universal event that is happening right in this moment. Don’t let the illusions convince you of anything other than this. The illusions are set to keep us feeling hopeless, chained, insignificant. Lies. They are all lies. Remember your truth. We are a force to be reckoned with.

You are loved.

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