The Black List

Rossella turns fresh news from trusted sources into scheduled tweets. According to research, 80% of tweets should be news and content that informs, educates and entertains while 20% should be sales, promotions, and information about your brand. Rossella helps customers get the 80%-AUTOMATICALLY. Where do we get our tweets? We utilize RSS feeds, machine learning, and our proprietary algorithm to find tweets by topic from trusted sources. The Rossella List is a complete list of the sources we allow to be used on the Rossella platform. The White List–media outlets banned from Rossella–was introduced yesterday. The media outlets on Rossella’s Black List are below. Email [email protected] to inquire about adding your media or blog RSS feed to Rossella. Rossella Black List American Scientist BBC News Black Enterpise Bon Appetit Brewbound CBS News Chicago Reader CIO CNN Cooking Channel TV Cosmos Magazine Der Speigel Draft Mag ELLE Magazine Entreprener Food and Wine Forbes GigaOm GizModo Harvard Business Review Herald Sun IN Style Industry Week Jims Loire [email protected] Los Angeles Times Mashable New York Daily News Oprah Perez Hilton Popular Mechanic Popular Science Recode Reuters Rotten Tomatoes Search Engine Land Spendmatters Star Tribune Strategy-Business SupplyChainManagementReview Techcrunch Teen Vogue Terroirist The Brew Enthusiast The Economist The Guardian The Guardian US The Independent The Miami Herald The New York Times The Wall Street Journal The Washington Post TIME TMZ US Magazine Vogue We Are Brew Studs Wine and Mag Wine Curmudgeon Wine Pages Wine Spectator Wired Advertisements Share this:
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