Office Space

The company I work for hired a SVP of Strategic Initiatives and announced the hire today, literally five minutes before the SVP walked through the door at my location. The email notification we received had buzzwords/phrases like “integration,” “streamline,” “efficiencies,” “you all suck and we hate you” – well, that last statement wasn’t said in those specific words, but I’m betting you catch the drift.

In our sales call this afternoon, the new SVP spoke of “synergies between the company’s three divisions” at which point the hair on the back of my neck did a little dance.

Ding, ding, ding!

Google, you perception reinforcing b*tch.

Layoffs must be around the corner. He then mentioned in front of my division’s sales team that the company president specifically brought up my name during their one-on-one lunch today. Fantastic.

On the one hand, nothing’s set in stone, at least as far as I can perceive. On the other, they will probably want to move quickly so I really need to start looking elsewhere or ramping my side gig back up. I’ve been hemming and hawing on the latter for months now but I need to be ready to execute if it turns out the current gig is up.

I’m not all doom and gloom, though – if I’m hit with a layoff, it could be painful but it very well could be a great opportunity. Something about the ebb and flow at work lately caused me to start my LinkedIn back up maybe three or four days ago – what great timing, huh?

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