Mockingbird, Vol. 2: My Feminist Agenda review

Mockingbird, Vol. 2: My Feminist Agenda by Chelsea Cain

Star rating: ★★☆☆☆ 2/5 stars

Format: library graphic novel

Summary: Bobbi boards a cruise ship bound for the Bermuda Triangle after receiving an all expenses paid ticket and a vague promise of information to help with Clint Barton’s upcoming murder trial.

Review: I can’t believe that the amazing promise of the first volume devolved into this hot mess. I was completely disappointed by the second and final volume. I know the series was cancelled and looks like they only got three issues to wrap the series up but man I don’t know if they were bitter over it or what.

The second volume acts as though the first volume never even happened. Remember the virus that Bobbi was infected with which gave her new powers? The one that she refused to take the antidote for? Yeah no sign of that. Also this volume refers to Hunter as Bobbi’s ex-boyfriend and I don’t recall him ever even being her boyfriend let alone breaking up. Like they were together but I remember her being pretty firm on not labeling it. I don’t think that counts as ex-boyfriend.

The art was good for the most part aside for one major issue. At one point there is a dog that is called a pug. It is not a pug, that is a French bulldog. Pugs do not have ears that stick up and in every panel this dog is in the ears are straight up. Like I don’t know how you mess that up. And it’s a shame because if they got the ears it would have been a black pug. So disappointing.

This is a pug Not a pug

The story of this volume was super weak. The first volume was so expertly crafted and this just failed. The concept of Bobbi trying to help Clint’s trial is a good one but the execution was bad. It ended up being goofy in all the wrong places. Like Bobbi falls off the ship and is rescued by mermaid corgis?? What the actual fuck guys. It just was weird. It wasn’t quirky like it was trying to be, it was awkward and didn’t fit the serious nature of what Bobbi was trying to accomplish.

Recommendation: The first volume is great, just treat it as though there isn’t a second volume.


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