City tales

Dear just another city,

Please don’t let me fall for you

As we both know, we can never be together

Stop holding my hands

Stop calling my name

Stop giving me reasons to stay

Because I can’t!

You have given me so much

I will treasure those moments till I breathe my last.

You will always be mine

In my heart, in my mind

You already live in my soul

You will be there in my tears

The tears that stain my cheek

And make me look so weak

Tears will bring back those memories

Memories we once lived together

Together, we laughed and looked at each other

Those small and precious memories

Do you want to know what will I miss the most about you?


Your bright eyes when you welcomed me first

Your guiding hands when I was lost

That familiar smell makes me feel I am home

Your arms which wrapped me when I was cold

I will miss you.

I wish I could’ve told a bit about me.

I wish there was a little more time.

I wish you could meet me again.

I wish we could still be the same.

But, it’s never going to happen

For, we can never be together

So this be my last message.

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