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Welcome, Bookworms!

Can i just admit i am soooo soooo soooo freaking happy that it is the end of September! Yes i know i was happy for it and i still am but i have been in a reading slump, forgot to handout birthday invites ( had to move the party ), Wanted to sleep more, felt like blogging was not fun for a bit. 

BUT you guys, i am gonna get this gal back on track. Well once i feel better ( sick at the moment )

Let’s see how i did.

Summer of Yesterday – By Gaby Triana

Amazing Read, Can’t Get Enough

Still working on the Review!

Well that is all folks, only book i read for this month and you know what i am not upset about it one bit. Could i have done better yes but i am a mother with anxiety so when i have to much on my plate i start to over plan and end up doing my worst. NEXT TIME will be better.

Expect a To Be Read blog October 1st as i have so many on my TBR list.

TELL ME WHAT YOUR BOOK YOU READ THIS MONTH? Connect with me! Instagram♥Goodreads♥Twitter

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