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The Madness Underneath (2013)

by Maureen Johnson(Favorite Author)
3.87 of 5 Votes: 2
039925661X (ISBN13: 9780399256615)
Putnam Juvenile
Shades of London
review 1: I'm a big fan of Maureen Johnson, but this series lacks a certain sparkle I'm used to finding in Johnson's works. While I will absolutely look forward to reading the next book, I don't expect it to live up to the loveliness that is The Key to the Golden Firebird (first book I ever read by Maureen Johnson). Even taking into account the difference in genre, I feel that The Madness Underneath falls a bit short of The Name of the Star. However, nearer the end, I was definitely feeling it more.
review 2: I chose this book because I read the first book of the series, Name of The Star, and wanted to read the rest of the series. This story takes place in Bristol until Rory is transferred back to Wexford in London. The main character, Rory, deals with both internal and
... more external conflict. The external conflict being the exams at Wexford. She has missed much of the year and later get’s “expelled” because she wouldn't be able to pass the exams. The internal conflict she faces is whether or not she wants to use her terminus powers to help the squad or not. She later chooses to use it. I would say in this book, that Rory stays the same, making her a static character. She changes somewhat, but nothing that really changes her overall character or outlook. I would say that Rory is caring, talkative, and observant. “You are not going anywhere, I said to him, in my mind. You are not going anywhere. You are staying here. You are staying with me. I could still feel the activity around me. I was profoundly aware of Boo at my left side.” (Johnson, Pg. 288) I believe that the theme of the book is to take risks and that things don’t always go to plan. I thought it was an amazing second addition to the Shades of London series. It was definitely not what I was expecting. I loved every chapter. less
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Teenage Girl Deals With Trauma From Ghost Encounter(s) and Goes Amusingly Off Tangent A Lot
Definitely didn't expect anything that happened in this sequel.
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