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The Little One (2012)

by Lynda La Plante(Favorite Author)
3.19 of 5 Votes: 2
0857209205 (ISBN13: 9780857209207)
Simon & Schuster
review 1: Although a good introduction into this genre, which I don't usually read, I just couldn't get over the lack of empathy I felt for each of the main protagonists. Barbara, the main character is thoroughly unlikeable and I spent the last chapter of the book hoping she would get her comeuppance! From the description of the book I expected a few more chills and suspense however it became quite transparent a few chapters in. All in all a quick easy read but not terribly satisfying
review 2: Part of the latest Quick Read series: Not an author I would naturally gravitate towards but after this I would be comfortable reading a crime novel of hers. Another good reason for quick reads is that it takes you out of your favoured genres. This is a ghost thriller without any r
... moreeally frightening bits. Good idea and well compressed but fails to make any of the characters worthy of one's concern. I was not worried about the outcome or troubled by unfortunate turns as no one person was worth investing with my compassion. Not sure if it works therefore as a short-story but is acceptable as a quick read as the plot and storyline are quite interesting. Well written but doesn't involve you in the story and therefore falls short in what I ultimately desire in a book. less
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Enjoyable read but didn't like the ending I felt it was a let down after a good build up.
Ghost stories aren't generally my thing but a good short story all the same.
Probably the worst book I've ever read. It was just terrible.
Very dull. luckily a very quick read
Jeez this was awful.
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