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The Black Hour (2014)

by Lori Rader-Day(Favorite Author)
3.37 of 5 Votes: 3
1616148853 (ISBN13: 9781616148850)
Seventh Street Books
review 1: This was a difficult book to rate. I really love author's first books so I wanted to love this. It started off great and I really liked the author's style and prose. I liked the idea of the plot but there are three things I had a problem with: 1) I hated both of the main characters. Was I supposed to? They were both just a little too whiny and complaining and scared of everything. I know they were working through challenges in their life but good heavens, I wanted to just shake them and say grow a backbone! 2) There was way too much extra "here's what the character was thinking" during the book's conversations. I just wanted to get to the dialogue and skip ahead!, and 3) the middle of the book was a total drag. I guess by the end I realized why a lot of the middle o... moref the book was important (e.g., all that hotline and boat stuff) but it wasn't written in a way that kept my interest or got me thinking about why it was important. Oh and one last thing... here's this woman who was so whiny that she hardly had the strength to walk down the hall and she agreed to go out on a boat. What? That was just silly and was obviously done to force that not very believable dramatic ending. OK, I just realized I need to change my rating from 3 to 2, apparently there's more about this book that bothered me than I thought!
review 2: Amelia Emmet studied violence, but when it happens to her, the recovery is long and difficult. Shot in the abdomen by a student at Rothbert College who then killed himself, Amelia is determined to survive and get back to teaching sociology, which she loves. Nathaniel Barber becomes her teaching assistant. Obsessed with Chicago's violent gangland history, he wants to write his dissertation on Dr. Emmet's shooting. Both Amelia and Nathaniel have major hurdles to overcome as the truth begins to come clear. less
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A good read. Was not expecting the twist at the end, and the story as a whole ended rather abruptly.
This book was completely enthralling but there was too much weirdness at he end for me to love it.
nice book
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