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Branded By The Pink Triangle (2013)

by Ken Setterington(Favorite Author)
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1926920961 (ISBN13: 9781926920962)
Second Story Press
review 1: A very concise yet thorough book about the persecution of gay men during the Nazi regime (1933-1945). I found that the most use of this book is in its personal accounts of men who were arrested under Paragraph 175 and lived to tell the tale. A lot of light was shed upon how homosexuality was treated under the Nazi regime, but the author remains unbiased towards the harsh treatment of the queer community after the Second World War as well. Very good starting point for research, but the book does focus only on the account of gay men during the Holocuast as they were the most hunted group in the queer community.
review 2: I read about this book in connection with the . . . Printz awards? the Alex Awards? . . . one of the awards given to books for young people that
... more highlight social issues, then found it in the new books section of my public library in the adult section, which surprised me a bit. That said, I think this book is an excellent primer for anyone who wants to know about the persecution of gay men and lesbians in Germany before, during, and after World War II. It's straightforward but unflinching in its representation of the lives of gays before the war and the horrors they faced during it. Reading this as an adult, there was much about it that I was familiar with; however, what I did learn about was the on-going persecution homosexuals faced in Germany after the war (e.g., after being liberated from concentration camps, some gay men went to prison to fulfill sentences under Germany's anti-gay Paragraph 175 law because their time in the camps wasn't considered part of their sentence) and how they were denied reparations until well after most gays who survived the camps had already died. I'm not one to use a term like "important" to describe books, as I think it's overused and subsequently meaningless, but this book is definitely a valuable contribution to the history of the Holocaust for all readers. less
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Older teens - interesting non-fiction on a little explored topic.
Very well written short book about Homosexuals in Nazi Germany
Reviewing this so more later
Heartbreaking read.
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