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Wish You Happy Forever: What China's Orphans Taught Me About Moving Mountains (2014)

by Jenny Bowen(Favorite Author)
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0062192000 (ISBN13: 9780062192004)
review 1: I appreciate what Jenny Bowen and her Half the Sky charity are doing for the thousands/millions of Chinese orphans. I would like to hear from others who have had some experience with this organization just to get a perspective different from the author's. It's a great story with the moral that you never give up your dreams and don't listen to those who say 'no'. I am considering donating to this cause.
review 2: Being an adoptive parent of an incredible Chinese girl, now 11 years old, I found this book very interesting and a positive account of the adoption situation in China. The book reads as a series of short stories based on the accounts of Jenny Bowen and her group of co-visionaries who sought and succeeded in founding numerous orphanages across China.
... moreExtremely inspiring and a must read for those who adopted from China. I highly recommend to others as well! less
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Loved this book,having two nieces from China, I found this very interesting
Its a book but not a good one in my eyes.
Shirley said it all!
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