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Out Of Darkness (2000)

by Jason D. Morrow(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 3
The Starborn Saga
review 1: Mora is supposed to have a lot more power than the rest of the other Starborn people, but she requires help from others. She is unstable in her relations with Aaron and his brother. This does not make sense to me. Also the mention of grayskins is cool except for the fact that it does not state how they became that way, only that Jeremiah(mystery man) had some kind of interaction with them. To me this book was long and boring!! If you have read this biok, I recommend that you read The series by Richard Paul Evans called Michael Vey, they are a lot better than this one!!
review 2: I have mixed emotions about this book. I enjoyed the story immensely but I did not like any of the characters. Usually when I read a book I grow to love the characters but unfortunately
... more not in this case. Hopefully, there will be more character development to come. The story however was not bad. In fact it was quite interesting. What a great idea to have humans with super powers, that descended from aliens to take on the zombies!!! less
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Good zombie book to read. It has a lot of action, suspense , and a doomed love story in it.
Great YA zombie/survival story. Nothing too graphic or horrific.
Entertaining in a Mad Max for young adults category.
Another great dystopian youth novel!
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