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Orizzonte Di Fuoco (2014)

by James Rollins(Favorite Author)
4.04 of 5 Votes: 2
Casa Editrice Nord
Tucker Wayne
review 1: This book has a number of features I really liked: it starts in the old world with a killer "virus" entombed underground during a battle with British troops. carries on in the modern age, the main characters, a dog and a man, working as a team to find the virus. And finally the kill switch is applied to the virus to negate it wiping in from the world? Perhaps like we are trying to do with Ebola.Good strong writing and character development. I'll look for more from Rollins.
review 2: Love, love, love this story and the way in which Mr Rollins has once again kept me riveted to a book of his. This time the world is threatened by a plant that can kill just about anything within its path. The novel is fast paced and the characters of Tucker and Kane are simply wonde
... morerful. As always, I so enjoyed the end where Mr Rollins speaks of the true science and history used within the pages of this novel I am even more excited to learn that Tucker and Kane will be back for a repeat performance of saving the world and providing this reader with hours of more reading pleasure. less
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A very good story, love the characters and fast paced. I'm off to bok two. Recommend reading.
Really a strong book that stays in line with previous writing styles.
Great read!
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