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Samuel Adams: A Life (2008)

by Ira Stoll(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 2
0743299116 (ISBN13: 9780743299114)
Free Press
review 1: I've been trying to work my way through all my biographies lately that have been on hold for the fiction I had at hand and picked this up on a whim. What an incredible man Samuel Adams was! According to the book Adams was the force behind the Revolutionary War. Through multiple newspaper articles, meetings with local leaders, and other persuasive means Adams planted the ideas in the Boston public and soon in the general American public that Americans could stand up to British policies. When the British pushed back and started taking away the Colonists right to rule themselves Adams planted the idea that perhaps a split with England was the right course of action. He started Correspondence committees, which in turn led to the Continental Congress, he organized revolts,... more he was a behind-the-scenes mastermind who, it would seem, single-handedly directed the course and destiny of the United States of America. There were a few tears shed on my part over what seems to be divine intervention in many of the early events in the Revolutionary War and the great love and respect I have for these early founding fathers was greatly enhanced by the information I read in this book. I had intended to give this book away but have now convinced a son to read it and might keep it in my collection since it describes the early years of the revolutionary war so well.
review 2: This biography of the lesser known Revolutionary Adams follows his career from early Boston politics to being the head rabble rouser in the period leading up to the revolution. It follows his career in the Continental Congress where he was part of the group that signed the Declaration of Independence and the years afterwards where he toiled away in Congress during the Revolutionary War. It also briefly follows his after Revolution career where he helped write and pass the Massachusetts Constitution. While not a member of the Constitutional Convention he was instrumental in getting the Constitution passed in Massachusetts and getting the Bill of Rights attached. He also served Massachusetts in the State Senate as Lieutenant Governor and Governor. The author may have spent a little too much time focusing on Adam’s faith but a pretty good read. less
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Colorful man of emotion. I enjoyed this book for the overview. Not the smoothest read.
Good information. Kind of dwells on the religion a bit too much.
hmmmm.... I keep falling asleep,sorry Sam
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