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She Owns The Knight (2000)

by Diane Darcy(Favorite Author)
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review 1: This was a good story, it kept me wanting to read. Gillian, fresh from a break up, went to England to do some genealogy and stumbled upon a way to travel back in time, where she was mistaken for Edith Corbett, future wife of Kellan. She fell in love with Kellan, and he with her, and she tried to get him back to the future with her, but instead sacrificed to stay with him, because of love. I had a hard time with the fact that Gillian was living a lie (Everyone thought she was Edith) and yet she felt guilty and had to cross her fingers when telling a little white lie. Also, the fact that she wouldn't give in to her ex boyfriend to have a physical relationship, and yet snuck into Kellans room at night and repeated attempts to seduce him. To me, that was... more odd.
review 2: I totally loved this story and love and loss and time travel. Gillian and Kellen have both been mistreated by their loves in the past and neither one is wanting to trust in a relationship again. Kellen needs an heir though and so will marry anyone to get one. When Gillian travels through time and finds herself in Kellen's castle and mistaken for his betrothed she thinks she has fallen and hit her head, so she decides to enjoy her dream while it lasts until she realizes that it isn't a dream and the dreamy guy she is supposed to marry is really someone she would like to spend her life with. There were so many ups and downs in this story and the characters were so likable and believable. Kellen was so sweet and so clueless. I loved how the story played out and the ending was wonderful. It made me sigh and want to read it all over again. Which I may just do. less
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Maybe 4, there were just some things. . Very fun idea, though, and I liked how things turned out.
Wasn't sure I liked the time travel thing but it became an ok part. It was fun.
Wonderful, clean, adult romance. Definately one of my new favorites!
Light & fluffy, pure escape. Fun!
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