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Original Skin (2013)

by David Mark(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 5
0399158650 (ISBN13: 9780399158650)
Blue Rider Press
DS Aector McAvoy
review 1: This book was a bit more 'together' than the first in the series. I quite enjoyed it. The plot was interesting enough and there were enough twists and turns to maintain the pace. I guess I just find the 'reluctant hero' thing a bit tiring, I mean McAvoy is a policeman after all. So I'm hoping that the author might allow this otherwise likeable character to be a bit more comfortable in his skin the next time around.
review 2: Very good, very enjoyable, very well written police procedural. This had everything I like in a police-based mystery: an interesting cast of characters that will keep me coming back for more in the future; intriguing subplots and back stories; and fantastic pacing. This is a book that never got bogged down and never dragged. My one rese
... morervation had to do with the details of the actual mystery, which veered into the implausible and the mildly ludicrous in the end. But even that was so well written that I can't complain about it too much. I hope the writer develops the back stories of some of the other police officers over time. Recommended. less
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Despite the unfortunate title, the story was interesting.
Great characters and interesting mysteries.
Excellent as always. Great local author.
Confusing. Strange subject matter.
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