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Cirque Du Freak: Killers Of The Dawn, Vol. 9 (2011)

by Darren Shan(Favorite Author)
4.47 of 5 Votes: 2
0316176060 (ISBN13: 9780316176064)
Yen Press
Cirque Du Freak: The Manga
review 1: I have to say that the best part of this book was the chapter where Darren imagines a rescue scene in which Larten doesn't die. I already knew when the Vampeneze Lord was announced that it was Steve (especially when he came back), but I wasn't so sure about who was going to die on the quest. Why did they think that the guy in the cloak had to be the same guy each time they saw him? Cloaks are excellent for concealing identities; that is their general purpose. I also couldn't believe that they allowed Steve and Gannen to take Darren aside alone together. They should have made sure that Gannen wasn't close enough to knock Darren out when he went for Steve at the very least. The Vampeneze do a much better job of protecting their Lord than the vampires do protecting one of the... moreir princes...Even though it is in shadow, the impalement scene is pretty graphic and there is other violence to contend with in this book. I think the term for a child born out of wedlock is thrown around, but I could be wrong. I don't remember any kissing, I wouldn't have been in the mood for any if I were Darren either.
review 2: reading this particular book was like having the Artist in my head. the new characters, the new scenes and more importantly, how the mister Crepsley meets his end, were exactly how i visioned it in my head while i was reading the book. the one part of this book that stuck to me was the way Steve was smiling towards Darren when he was going to say that he was the vampeneze lord.that smile stuck to me a little because that smile breathed hatred. since i was able to visualize my thoughts about what could have happened if Mr. Crepsley could have done to change the events saving his life or at least killing Steve. the one thing i have came up with was that not letting go would have killed the Vampeneze lord (even though Mr. Crepsley did not know at the time, he knew what Steve was capable of). and Darren and Vancha could not be killed by anyone else, be able to rescue Debbie and Alice and be rid of a great threat. although i felt that this ending would be best, i am still trying to find an ending to which Mr. Crepsley could live. so far i cannot find one less
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Wasn't sure what I was expecting from this. But it was interesting. Manga form of the series really.
I loved this book. kept me on the edge of my seat. Amazing
A good book =D
nice book
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