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God Hates You, Hate Him Back: Making Sense Of The Bible (Revised International Edition) (2009)

by C.J. Werleman(Favorite Author)
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095642760X (ISBN13: 9780956427601)
Dangerous Little Books
review 1: Initially, before I'd read 15-20 pages I found myself getting downright angry. Furious! Not at the author. Yes, he has a special flavour of snark that takes some acclimatizating to, and some may never get there. But this God of the Christian Bible... It was like I had already hacked down the huge weed over recent years, but I needed to dig out the root. Reading through this book was like digging that out, revealing more and more of the root tendrils and how deeply pervasive the belief system had been indoctrinated into my mind as a child and as an adult. Not only that but to take it a few steps further and to see how deeply pervasive these beliefs have spread throughout society and the world!I finally got past that emotional hurdle to realize that my anger was misdirected.... more The Bible, Christianity, was created by men. The God that pastors attempt to sell today is nothing like the God of the Bible. They conveniently ignore what isn't palatable about him which is pretty much everything! There were many "ah HA!!" moments that I wished I had seen on my own years ago. I was so blind; never taught to question. Anyway, these various light bulb moments rocked my world. This book has had a far reaching affect on my life already and will continue to do so. I know that this next statement may get a whole hell of a lot of flack, but after much reading and reflection I believe Christianity is the largest cult of all time. I could go through many reasons why I believe so, but I think the best way to explain why I believe this is to tell you to read this book. And don't be shy. Do your homework. Look up the passages. If something doesn't quite match up, check other versions or Google interpretations. Through innumerable translations things have changed over the years. Before I read this book, I would have told you I was an atheist most days with a smattering of agnostic days thrown in for good measure. Those days are over. If you are questioning the Bible or if you want to know more about the Bible, things your Christian friends or minister or pastor won't tell you, pick this book up. If you are a believer and are concerned that your faith could be shaken or are easily offended, I'd move along. You won't walk away from this book unchanged. Hell, you won't walk away from the Afterword unchanged.
review 2: So when I started this book, I felt around 1/3 threw it was going to get 3-4 stars. It starts with more quotes from other great books than it does memorable quotes of its own. I then started to notice that since I grew up surrounded in religion and going to christian school that it wasnt the author who was losing me, it was stories I actually knew.Once this book gets rolling I started learning things about the bible I never thought possible, I also learned 1000 more ways to combat the religion argument/debate.I should say up front I was already an atheist, as im sure most who get this book all, the title would push away any believer before the got to page 1 and thats one thing I would have loved to see different, but I will not hold that against a 5 star review of this book.Werleman is funny, witty and dead on, he doesnt make this stuff up and he doesnt insert his interpretation, he clearly writes what the bible is saying, and for believers in the bible, that is not a good thing.Anyone who wants to know more about the bible and wants even more talking points for your next religious discussion, this is a book you have to read! less
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Great book. I want to read it again. Makes you see things in an interesting way.
Not much in there I didn't already know. Lot of dead horse beating.
I loved this book but Christians will find it quite confronting.
Awesome. Loved it.
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