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The Light In The Wound (2013)

by Christine Brae(Favorite Author)
3.96 of 5 Votes: 5
1490449647 (ISBN13: 9781490449647)
The Light in the Wound
review 1: The Light In The Wound is a story about a girl named Isabel Amarra. The book covers her life from childhood to motherhood. I believe this book has so much potential because it is very realistic. It shows the readers the common problems that a family encounters, the daily struggles and most importantly is that it lets you experience the life of a teenager. The pain of first heartbreak, the thrill of first love and the days when you have to move on with your life. As a teenager, I can see myself with Isabel, how hard she tries to balance her studies with her love life and family ties and obligations.I was deeply astounded when I first read the prologue. I think, I’ve read the prologue thrice just to make sure that I read is right. That prologue is an instant page-turner. Y... moreou will instantly create stories in your head just to picture out and piece together why that scene happened. It was that good and effective.Since the book is covering a large chunk of Isabel’s life, the pacing is kinda fast with the story jumps off from one level to another. I find that pacing entertaining since it only features the vital part of that specific age. Furthermore, the short chapters really worked for me. (And to be honest, I really like short chapters)Isabel grew up in a rich family and lifestyle which makes the reader view the life of an elite. But that lifestyle comes with a price, and that is a crazy family drama. A fruit of a broken marriage, I expected that Isabel would be a mess, but worry not, Isabel is so focused and determined. She really knows how to take care of her siblings and the rest of her family. I love how she handles the situation intelligently. That she looks at all sides of the problems for her arrive at the correct decision.Contrary to being wise with family matters, her decision about love is very annoying sometimes. Well, I couldn’t blame her since she is entranced by Jesse. That she is truly captivated with his charms. There are times that I want to yell at her because she couldn’t say no to Jesse. That what Jesse wants must be followed. I must admit that I admire Isabel’s resilience and patience with Jesse but sometimes it’s too much. At the first half of the book, Isabel changed a lot. Gone is the vibrant Isabel. Now, she is Isabel according to Jesse.It pains me that she has to sacrifice a lot to Jesse while the guy did not return the same amount of attention to her. I keep hoping that she will finally realize that and end up breaking-up with Jesse. And it did. Which made me smile like an idiot.When Alex came into the picture, I knew from that moment that he is the guy for her. Alex is so sweet and caring. Isabel doesn’t need to pretend when she is with him. It is like that Alex serves as Isabel’s comfort zone. It’s very inspiring how Alex waited patiently at the sidelines and it’s good to know that Alex expects less from her, that from the start of their relationship, he knows that Isabel is broken and still in the process of healing. He reminds me of Jem Carstairs from The Infernal Devices. If Jesse is a sea that keeps throwing off waves, Alex serves a pond, always calm and serene and a scene that gives you a peace of mind. I’m so happy that Isabel did choose Alex because he is really the right choice for her.What I really like from this book is that it is very hard for me to ship a single pair of couple. It’s like I love it when Jesse and Isabel are together yet I find myself smiling too when she is with Alex. Ugh, it’s very complicated and makes it very hard for me to read the last part. I don’t know if I’m hoping that Jesse and Isabel will be back together because I don’t want to see Alex in pain. It’s like I want them both, yet Isabel can only choose one. The last part is so painful and knits the book pretty well. I really have no idea on what will happen on the sequel because the first book ended so well for the three of them. That it seems the three of them found their right places. I’m really looking forward with reading the sequel. I really admire how Isabel changed throughout the book. Now, she knows how to handle her heart and emotions, how to make proper decisions without considering the other factors. My last wish for Isabel would be:Don’t break Alex’s heart.
review 2: So, here's the thing: I don't feel like attacking this book from a feminist pov. I think anyone reading this should have enough sense to know that being treated like a piece of meat is never okay and showing someone you love them does not mean you have to have sex with them or please them orally. Now, that being said, this was a very passionate read. Silly, at times, but still passionate and somewhat believable. I think Isabel is a weak character who is really lucky to have people in her life who are willing to be patient with her lackluster decision making skills. I was sucked into reading this as soon as I started it. I was pleasantly surprised that it held my attention and that I finished it so quickly. It was fun to read. less
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Really good book, heart wrenching story. Well written. Once I started I couldn't put it down.
Very good emotional read. Really portrayed the power and emotional ties of a first love.
I didn't finish. This story couldn't keep me interested.
It's super good!!!
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