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The Midas Code (2011)

by Boyd Morrison(Favorite Author)
3.95 of 5 Votes: 3
0751544302 (ISBN13: 9780751544305)
Tyler Locke
review 1: Hell of adrenaline rush at the beginning till near end of the book. Pardon my bad habit of cursing but I did, cursing and swearing while reading the book on how evil the villains were. Despite my less enthusiasm on brutal plot, but I have to say it was a good introduction of this book to make me glued to it. And it was good to read about the agony and excruciating consequences the main villain got after all the things he did. Think I read it twice... Or thrice lolMy thought? It's awesome because the brutality of the plot. All the bad things the villains did to the main protagonists. And I was also attracted to keep reading due to the brillian ancient technology which in this case is the awesome and brilliant Archemedes ( the name sounds familiar? Lol) Recommendation: if yo... moreu like brutal evil plot (mafia kind of evil, not some silly bank robbery kind of evil) - which remind me why I haven't read books written by male authors much.
review 2: Centering around Archimedes and the story of King Midas, The Vault, is everything a fast-paced thriller should be. Tyler Locke and Stacy Bennett are blackmailed into helping Jordan Orr find the treasure of King Midas. Along for the ride is Tyler’s friend Grant Westfield. The only clues they have is an ancient codex (written in Greek) and a geolabe – a fictional version of the Antikythera Mechanism which is on display at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens. The geolabe is a sort of like an astrolabe but for use on earth instead of in the stars.The three of them speed through various European countries as they follow the clues left by Archimedes and King Midas. The hunters are pursued by the Italian mafia who are also trying to find the treasure. The story takes the reader on an exhilarating ride (200+ mph on the autobahn in a Ferrari) and we finally end up in Napes and the tomb of King Midas.With multiple get-rich schemes, the mafia, terrorists, radiation poisoning, kidnapping, murder, decapitation, good guys versus bad guys, etc…(I’m not sure there is a catastrophe that is not included in this story) I found myself wanting to read “just one more page” to the detriment of sleep and everything else. less
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Good action adventure author. I enjoyed this one and the others he has written.
Definitely a fun read. Gets very past paced to the end!
An archoelogy thriller.A good read.
Not a bad read...
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